Ready to make a splash? A really BIG splash?

Resicom has been helping clients make a splash – a really big splash! – with one-of-a-kind waterpark features, spectacular, custom-designed fountains and eye-catching, breathtaking waterfalls for 40 years. If you’ve seen something stunning in parks or at commercial buildings around Southwestern Ontario, there’s a good chance it was our work you admired.

How unique are our creations? We don’t publish a catalogue, that’s how unique. Anything you do with us will be yours and yours alone, but we do have photos of our previous projects to inspire you and get our collaboration started.

Whatever your vision is, we will work with you from concept to completion to ensure it’s fulfilled. Do you run a park and dream about attracting families from miles and miles around? Do you have a commercial property that needs a dramatic, extra sparkle to draw in discerning tenants? Resicom will deliver that signature element that elevates you from the rest.

Working with municipal staff, water architects, landscape architects and engineers, Resicom will make the process interesting and enjoyable for you, not intimidating or endless. With us, you’ll be leading a seamless team that can do the seemingly impossible.